The Chaos Wars

War between the Gods and the Elemental Chaos. The Gods win by joining forces and imprisoning the Elemental Chaos. Later the Un-named God tries to free the Elemental Chaos in return for power; his attempt ends in failure, he is captured and chained, and his name removed from all knowledge, so that none may worship him.

The Age of Dragons

The Dragons gain dominion over the land, sea and skies. A great war erupts between the Dragons and an alliance of the Fae and the Dwarves. Eventually the Dragons are defeated, and the Fae enter the mortal world, where they spread far and wide, splitting into the Elven races, leaving only the Eladrin in the Fae. The Dwarves too spread across the lands and discover Humans.

The Age of Discovery

Humans, Dwarves and Elves form treaties and trade routes, each complimenting the shortcomings of the other. Much exploration is done, and many new races are found, among them the noble Dragonborn and the secretive Halflings.

The Age of Empires

The disparate groups of humans spread faster and farther than most other races, becoming different nations, hungry and eager to control the land.  Huge human empires strain against their neighbours’ borders as tensions rise. War inevitably breaks out between the Human nations and their erstwhile allies. One human ruler rallies the human nations together, bound by a common goal – they seek to control the entire world.

The Age of Darkness

Calamity strikes as the Human Emperor is assassinated. The human nations collapse in on themselves, and civil war breaks out. Millions perish and the Human Empire falls, their once former allies pull back and wait for the dust to settle. One Human country makes a pact with Demons for power, they attack the Dragonborn Empire in desperation, but the pact betrays them and they are struck down, changed forever into Tieflings, they flee into the shadows.

The Age of Strife

Human cities claim independence, only the strongest nobles can hold onto any land. Outlaws and worse roam the land, a wave of Orcs, Goblins and more terrible creatures ravage the lands, only the Guild of Heroes holds back the ever encroaching darkness. Then disaster strikes, the Guild is silent, some say betrayed, and the darkness looms forth to engulf the land.

The Age of Hope

For the last hundred years the people of the world have lived in fear and doubt, closed their doors and prayed that the evil stalking the lands would not destroy them. Recently, a stillness has settled, still few venture far from their homes or the nearest towns. All is not lost though; some whisper that this is a time of hope. The towns stand, a shining light in the darkness. There is a great need for defenders of the innocent, people to face the evils with blade and fire and faith. There is still a need for Heroes.

The Age of Strife

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