The Age of Strife

Another tower

After a brief portal journey, and a restful night the new group is ready to take on the Dire wood and anything it can throw at them. Grax earns his reputation as a rogue and scouts ahead, finding a tower eventually and directing everyone to it. Isabella confirms there is a strong sense of magic from the place, and Bosmath notes the corruption and decay of the plants nearby. The tower is in ruins. With a wary eye and a comment from Isabella to remind Ultan not to touch anything, they venture down into the basement.
Almost immediately when they reach the bottom of the stairs, they hear shuffling and see glowing yellow eyes in the distance. They move into a room, and Bosmath lights a torch throwing it into the centre of the room, illuminating and agitating the zombies within. Quickly the Group set to work, pulling back to the doorway, allowing only two zombies to attack at a time. Ultan is grabbed several times, but either breaks free or the Zombie is dispatched before it can make use of his grab. Grax flits from shadow to shadow, appearing at times behind the enemy, and his blade finds the weak points with telling blows each time. It seems he is no mere rogue; there is something definitely unusual about Grax.
The room is cleared, and checked, it seems to be some sort of prisoner are, though the prisoners are long dead, and the doors to the cells are rusted closed. Grax elects to scout ahead into the next room, and as he enters he noticed grooves in the floor. As he is pondering this he steps on a pressure plate, and a swinging blade drops from the ceiling and cutting along the floor, slams into him and knocks him back out of the room. He is badly damaged and bleeding. The rest of the group, head into the room, setting off more plates, and sending more blades swinging along pre-set paths. Eventually they make it across the room, with only a few injuries and find the devices mechanism. Grax sets to work on this as Ultan takes a few swings at the door, trying to open it, unfortunately setting off the trap again and hitting Bosmath, who is not impressed. “Can’t you just leave things alone and just hit what we tell you to?” barks Isabella.
Grax disarms the blades one by one and eventually the door unlocks.
A short discussion about who’s goes in first ensues. Isabella decides that it should be Ultan. He opens the door, and barely has time to register the Skeleton archers at the far end of the room, before they open fire on him. Luckily the skeleton archers are terrible shots hitting mostly the walls and the door, with just one arrow hitting Ultan. He moves into the room and is promptly flanked by two armoured and sword wielding Skeletons that were out of sight.
Despite Ultan taking a beating, the fight went smoothly, Bosmath quickly despatched the Skeleton archers, with some nicely placed spells. Grax, flowed from shadow to shadow, smashing skeletons left and right. Isabella rushed in, her song blade singing as it cut down skeletons, her words of encouragement keeping Ultan on his feet.
A brief rest later and the group does a thorough search of the crypt, but refuses to open or defile the burial chambers. A magical frost longsword is found attached to the lif of one of the sarcophagi, and Grax promptly claims it.


“Despite Ultan taking a beating”??? BECAUSE Ultan took a beating surely, defending his companions, selflessly putting his life on the line to be victorious as a team. There’s no ‘I’ in team, but Isabella starts with I. Hmmm.

Another tower

I didn’t realise that the Ultan taking a beat was the plan, I thought that was just a bonus!

Another tower

Well without the team working together we could not have succeeded at the tasks so far. I know there must be times when someone else goes in first and we proved i am not the guy to do that…(hey look a trap!!!)But i dont mind scouting ahead

Another tower
GavinDoran GavinDoran

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