The Age of Strife

Making friends and influencing people

The party have been through a lot since we last laid pen to parchment:

They had just vanquished an evil undead presence in the dire woods [soon to be renamed as the not quite as fire as they used to be woods]

The returned to the Eladrin city, where they were greeted as the heroes they are. Ultain was restored yet again to the land of the living and given a shield to help keep him there.

There was much discussion and a group of Dwarves had turned up to claim the still imprisoned form of the Dwarven warlock Drag Durrach. Eager to see this evil necromancer destroyed Grax asks to follow with the dwarves, but they decline however they give Isabella the runes necessary to travel by portal to the great dwarven city.

The Dwarves will be travelling by airship and will arrive there in a months time. Isabella agress to meet them there, and the heroes depart as friends to the Eladrin.

This gives the group time to regroup back at their headquarters, to train up and sort themselves out.


GavinDoran GavinDoran

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