The Age of Strife

The Guild of Heroes does something heroic

For the first time in centuries the Guild of Heroes successfully vanquishes the foes of all that is good and righteous in the world. Wait, that just makes them sound incompentent. I should caveat that introduction by mentioning the fact that the Guild was destroyed centuries ago in a fierce internal conflict, and has only recently been resurrected by a motley group of youths from the small (read miniscule) town of Oakfield, and of course their newest companion, who is most certainly not from Oakfield. Although he is pretty motley. We’re not sure about the youth bit.

And so Bosmath the Druid, Isabella the Bard, Ultan the Runepriest and Grax the (now admitted) Assassin return victorious – dead victorious in Ultan’s case – to the Eladrin city of Leiran through a Fey portal in the Dire Wood. Having been sent deep into the woods to discover the source of the increasing undead activity in the area, the Guild successfully infiltrated a desecrated temple/tomb, battled through hordes of the undead, before releasing the dark necromancer from his prison, and then, after rereading the last line, killin…no wait…ending his lif…what do you say when you “dispose of” an undead necromancer you’ve inadvertantly unleashed on the world – apart from “good job, I need a drink” obviously. Suffice(d?) to say he got served.
DM Note: when you say he got served, I think you mean he beat the living shit out of the party so much he got tired and gave up?


Well in my Defence I believe I served the Raven Queen very very well…at deaths door several times in that fight only to get up and end that undeads existance . And to think he/it actually mocked me…tut tut It was like a Rocky movie i kept getting up when the blows fell. Truly heroic…ok i am not a hero i just didnt want to lose :)


At Death’s door? I was inside eating canapes, drinking wine, and being shown Death’s family holiday snaps. The Raven Queen in a bikini? There’s an image that will stick with me.

GavinDoran GavinDoran

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