The Age of Strife

Under the Mountain.

The party arrive at the portal, and are greeted by a delegation of dwarves. The dwarves remember well the Guild and are eager to hear and see the new guild heroes and master. [Grax has now assumed the form of a dwarf]

Ultan finds himself in deep discussions with a dwarven runesmith of some power, though her abilities lie in mastering existing Runes, and she becomes a little star struck when she realises that Ultan is a “Seeker” – one who searches for lost and previously undiscovered runes.

They quickly realise that they are in a huge citadel, that is contained within a mountain. The dwarves of older times sought to trade and meet with the humans of the land, but they knew the humans would not like confines of the underground kingdoms, but the dwarves themselves would be uncomfortable outside, so they hollowed out a mountain and built a huge human city within. The top of the mountain is far above the roofs of the houses so the humans do not feel trapepd, and the dwarves feel at home because they know they are underground.

The group don’t have to wait too long before the airship is to arive, and they are ushered up a number of lifts to a huge landing site at the top of the mountain. There is an impressive view of the whole area, and they realise that they travelled in seconds what would have taken months overland. The impressive airship approaches and everyone is ushered into a chamber.


GavinDoran UltanForgeson

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