The Age of Strife

Waking up is never easy

The party regain consciousness in a small cell. It is made of stone, with no windows and a heavy door, the walls are heavily decorated to look like branches and trees, the light in the room is magical, and not from a defined source. All the party members are bound, using vines.
Standing over the group is a tiefling. He is not bound, but appears as unarmed and un-armoured as the party. He introduces himself as Grax, an adventurer much like the party that was attacked, along with the rest of his group, by hordes of undead. He is the only survivor. He was found by Eladrin soldiers and brought here, not quite as a prisoner, but left here until they can figure out what to do with him.
The group manage to free themselves, Bosmath finding yet another use of Bee form. But wait to see what the Eladrin do. Soon enough they are all escorted through a winding corridor formed from wood, almost as if they are walking through the inside of a huge hollowed out branch, which is precisely what they are doing. The catch a glimpse outside and realise they have been brought to the Feywild. They are lead to the main trunk of the tree and brought to another room, though this one appears to be a meeting room, decked out with chairs, and tables of fruit and water. The adventurers are directed to eat; they are famished, and set to devouring the food. [Being almost dead does tend to tax the body]
The Eladrin seated in the room, introduces himself as Teraeth, and explains that they became aware that the wards placed on Draigdurrochs tower had been broken, and they went to investigate, fearing that someone was attempting to complete his work. The Adventurers explain about the frost gem, and how it was being corrupted, to spread the ice to the surrounding countryside, and how they went there to stop it, but succumbed to their wounds.
Teraeth believes them, and informs them that the Eladrin, deactivated the Stone, and destroyed the tower, to prevent anyone else from following in the warlocks mad plans. He then turns to Grax and speaks briefly with him, and Grax relays that his group was searching for this Draigdurroch themselves when they were attacked by the undead, in the Dire wood. This unsettles the Eladrin, as he explains that they have take Draigdurroch prisoner, and he is no longer a threat. Teraeth leads them from this chamber, and they travel further down into the tree, into another stone room.
In this room Draigdurroch floats suspended in Amber, he is unaware and unable to act. The Eladrin are holding him until a representative of the Dwarves can claim him. Grax asks if they will let him return Draigdurroch to the Dwarves as he has vowed vengeance on the dwarf for the death of his friends. The Eladrin refuse, but they do request the party and Grax’s aid. They wish them to investigate where these undead are coming from, they fear it may be an accomplice of Draigdurroch, or something he left behind.
The adventurers agree, eager to make up for the unfortunate incident in the frozen tower. Grax asks to accompany them, he’ll get some measure of revenge against the undead. Their equipment is returned to them and off they set.
Side note: Bosmath’s Bear companion, Elvira, is still weak, but the Eladrin have bonded her spirit with Bosmath, in the hopes of saving her. they warn him that if either of them dies, the other will too.


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